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From: Alan & Janet Arseneault

Sent: Thursday, November 10, 2005 4:52 AM

Subject: Uncle Ted A Wonderful Man

 Uncle Ted

 We all loved our Uncle Ted.   The memories he has left with us will
 never be forgotten.  He was a happy, gentle & kind man who always made
 you smile.   He had a true talent for singing and playing the guitar.
 The most memorable times of my childhood were the bonfires in our
 backyard with Uncle Ted & my dad entertaining us with their fun and
 witty songs. These were the best times.  There are so many songs that
 remind me of those sing-a -longs. Wabash Cannonball, Sally Anne,
 Jambalaya, Happy Trails to you ......... I will always cherish the fun
 times we all had.

If I had to choose a trademark song of Ted's it would have to be  
Country Roads take me home.. to a place where I belong.
Well, Ted is home now where he belongs. We will all miss him but I am
sure there will be many happy souls reuniting tonight to sing with
Ted.  That will be one fabulous gathering.

 XXOO  from your niece,  Janet

From: Diane Bastien

Sent: Friday, November 11, 2005 1:09 PM

Subject: A Tribute To A Well Loved, Uncle Ted

Uncle Ted,

You will always be in our hearts forever until we meet again.  You are a
very kind, talented and loving uncle.  While growing up, we always enjoyed
your singing, your guitar playing and the songs you wrote.  I can still
vividly picture you proudly performing in your music studio upstairs.  I
also remember the happy times singing with Rosie in your studio when I was
younger.  She was always very proud of her Dad and his music talents.  I
also can't forget how you loved to sing with Aunt Imelda and your
girls.  When we came over for a visit, we would always listen to the songs
you recorded with your family.  When I was a child, I thought you were the
best Country singer and I still do today.

Until we meet again in heaven,

your niece Diane, Alphonse, Matthew and Chantelle


From: Phil Dallaire

Sent: Saturday, November 12, 2005 5:12 PM

Subject: Thanks for the memories Uncle Ted!

Thanks for the memories Uncle Ted

Your humor, kindness and especially your music are a legacy that will be treasured the rest of our lives.  Happy trails to you, till we meet again!

Phil, Ileana & Natalie



From: Dave Dallaire

Sent: Sunday, November 13, 2005 4:02 PM

Subject: MY HERO Uncle Ted

There are few real HEROES at the top of my life list who have cast as great a shadow of love as my Uncle Ted.  Uncle Ted taught me about giving unselfishly, loving and laughing.  A kinder ... gentler man, I do no know.  He played the music of life.  He was the music.  God has one heck of band up there in heaven now !

 We Love You Always
Dave, Carol, Lindsey & Michael


From: Joe St. Pierre

Sent: Monday, November 14, 2005 6:16 PM

Subject: Ted Drouillard Tribute Web Site

I remember Ted Drouillard When He and Imelda visited once or twice at our home in Staples. The music and the songs he played and sang, I will always remember!  Imelda and my mother were 1st cousins.  My memories of him, I will always cherish.    

 Joe St. Pierre, Kingsville, ON

From: Pauline Anderson
Sent: Monday, November 14, 2005 9:17 AM
Subject: Ted Drouillard Tribute Web Site

Phil:  My mom sent me the address for your site on Uncle Ted.  Wow, what a great tribute.  I know we donít keep in touch much but I just wanted to let you know it brought back some good memories from when I was a kid with the aunts, uncles and cousins.  I do remember there always being music with your dad, Uncle Ted, etc. Ė it was always a lot of fun when we were kids!  Gosh at 85 he didnít look a lot different than I remember him looking Ė still had that twinkle in his eye.  My sympathies to Aunt Imelda and family.  Itís tough when good people leave us.   Take care and love to all,

your cousin, Pauline (Chenier) Anderson

From: Michelle Drouillard-Knight (Windsor, ON)

Sent: November 11, 2005

Aunt Imelda and Family,
My heart goes out to you as I think about Uncle Teed, I remember the song he taught me The Old Ford I think it was called and I can remember every word of that crazy chorus and hearing him sing it to us in his music room. I will treasure all the memories I have of him singing and playing guitar with me and my dad all those years ago.
My family will keep you in our thoughts and pray for you and the girls to get through this time of sadness.

Will all our love,
Michelle & Brad Knight and Family.

From: Joyce Drouillard (Windsor, ON)

Sent: November 11, 2005

Aunt Imelda & Family,
We were saddened to hear of Uncle Teeds passing. He was a good man and will forever be remembered as a man with a kind soul and a song in his heart. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers so that God can carry you through this sad time.

With Love
Joyce, Les and Family.
We will pray

From: Diane Drouillard (London, ON)

Sent: November 11, 2005

Hi Aunt Imelda and family,
I am not able to make it to the funeral services this weekend. I am so sorry for your loss. I have fond memories of Uncle Teed, his gentleness, his music, and the famous New Year's Eve parties at Meme and Pepe Moses.
Some years ago, we were at your place and Uncle Teed and my Dad were singing. I have kept the cassette tape of this session. I hope to see you the next time I am in Windsor.

Bye for now, Diane

From: Michael Masse (Spring Hill, TN)

Sent: November 12, 2005

Dear, Aunt Imelda & Family,
We are so sorry to hear of Uncle Ted's passing. I remember all of us at my mom & dads (Frances & Marcel) 50th anniversary. You are in our hearts and prayers.

With Love
Mike & Cindy Masse

From: Donna May (Melinda) McDermott (Chatham, ON)

Sent: November 12, 2005

Aunt Imelda and family,

I am so sorry for your loss. Losing such a special man will take time to heal. Uncle Ted is special and alive in all of our hearts. He will be missed greatly. I love you!

From: Ron & Megan McDermott (Chatham, ON)

Sent: November 12, 2005

We would like to express our sympathy to you and your family. God be with you.

From: Richard & Vicky Kuczek (Plymouth, MI)

Sent: November 12, 2005

Dear Aunt Imelda & Family,
Our deepest sympathy to you and your family. We will always treasure in our hearts the priceless memories of all the special moments we shared together with laughter, song and a warm love that radiated from you and Uncle Ted. God blessed our family with an awesome uncle and he will truly be missed. Playing his tapes and the comfort of hearing his voice will keep his memory alive in our lives forever. He set a great example to our family and others as a warm, gentle and loving servant of God.

Love & peace always to everyone,
Richard & Vicky Kuczek & Family

From: Bob & Shirley Cowden (N. Ft. Myers, FL)

Sent: November 13, 2005

Mel & Family, Our deepest sympathy to you and your family, Our prayers & thoughts are with you all at this time. We sure had some good times together.

Bob & Shirley Cowden

From: Linda Paul (Nanaimo, BC)

Sent: November 14, 2005

Dear Aunt Imelda and Family
I'm so sorry to hear of Uncle Ted's passing. He will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him. Heaven seems to be getting filled with too many of our wonderful family, and although we are sad to lose them they are together in a beautiful place and are not alone.
Our prayers to you.

Jon, Linda and Lily Paul

From: Pamela Antic (Duralia) (Windsor, ON)

Sent: November 14, 2005

Dear Imelda, Denise, Linda, Rose and their families

I am very sorry to hear the saddened news from my Dad Joe Duralia and his wife Caroline respecting Ted's passing. I have many many fond memories of the two friends doing what they loved and enjoyed, that is, playing their music with love in their hearts and kindness in their voices. They entertained many people throughout the years. One of my favourite songs that I recall, even as a very young girl, was entitled, "Send Me the Pillow that you Dream On".

Sincerest Sympathy to all of you, Pam

From: Gerard St Pierre (Stoney Point, ON)

Sent: November 14, 2005

My deepest sympathy

From: Yvonne Dallaire
Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2005 11:22 PM
Subject: A Tribute to a Well Loved Brother-in-Law, Ted.

Imelda and Family............I'm thinking of you with Deepest Sympathy and
hoping that Special Memories of Ted will be a source of Comfort at this
trying and difficult time.  Many fond memories of Ted will always be
cherished.  He touched many Hearts over the years and he will always be
remembered for his many Musical Talents.  I especially liked the "HAPPY
ANNIVERSARY" song as well as many others.  Thanks for joining the family
on my recent 80th Birthday, October 9th, 2005.  Ted enjoyed his afternoon and we
were all happy he came.  A Perfect Place in Heaven he has now, away from pain
and tears.  He will be missed but not forgotten.

Love always,


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e-mail me your tributes, memories or condolences
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