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The Banks of the Miramichi

Ted Drouillard & Bob Kelly


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When The White Lillies Bloom

Come Walk with Me

Dream Stars and Rainbows

Jesus Wants to Hear From You

Old Saskatchewan

Together You and I

Glory to God (He Has Set Me Free)




A Collection of Songs

That Were Not Made Famous


Ted Drouillard


Below is a collection of songs that Ted Drouillard put together for me on tape back in November 2002.  I have converted his tape into digital audio files here for all to enjoy!



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mp3 Audio Files


Ted's Tape Intro


Nuns In Disguise

Nuns In Disguise - lyrics

A Pageful of Crosses

A Pageful of Crosses - lyrics

Chasing A Rainbow

Chasing A Rainbow - lyrics

Rose of My Heart

Rose of My Heart - lyrics

Yesterday's Dreams

Yesterday's Dreams - lyrics

The Pilgrim

The Pilgrim - lyrics

The Three Bares

The Three Bares - lyrics

That Was Before I Met You

That Was Before I Met You - lyrics

The Last Ride

The Last Ride - lyrics

Que Sera, Sera (English & French)

Que Sera, Sera (English & French) - lyrics

La Vie En Rose (French & English)

La Vie En Rose (French & English) - lyrics

Eidelweiss (English & French)

Eidelweiss (English & French) - lyrics

An Old Log Cabin For Sale

An Old Log Cabin For Sale - lyrics

The Family Bible

The Family Bible - lyrics

A Petal From A Faded Rose

A Petal From A Faded Rose - lyrics

The Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me

The Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me - lyrics




November 2002




Coming Soon...

The Best of Ted Drouillard
on CD

I'm working on compiling a selection of Ted's music from his many tapes.  I plan to put some CD's together in the future.  All profits will be donated to the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Please e-mail me if you are interested,
and I will contact you with the details when they become available.







Ted's First Guitar...


This description was found glued to the wall in Ted's studio under his first guitar...





Ted Drouillard ~ The Entertainer...










Ted Drouillard & Bob Kelly


Ted with Grand-Son Christopher



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