About Ted Drouillard...

Theodore (Ted) Ernest Drouillard
July 29, 1920 at Sandwich East,
Windsor, Ontario


Ted's Parents:

Mose Drouillard & Emma Pitre (Peters)


Ted's Siblings:
Walter, Wilfred, Hazel, Florence, Edward, Henry, Louis, Frances, Loretta, Doris


Ted's Genealogy Linage


WWII Veteran...


Ted served in Weybridge, England (1942-1944) in the Signal Corps as a dispatch rider.  He returned home injured in 1944 after a serious motorcycle accident while serving his country.

Ted's Favourite Veterans Poem

A Pageful of Crosses
(A letter written to Ted by his Mother while serving overseas during WWII)


Ted's Marriage...

Ted Married ...  Imelda Marie Antoinette Laporte
November 05, 1949 at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Comber, Ontario

 Ted's Family...

Ted, Linda, Denise, Rose Marie, Imelda

Ted, Linda, Denise, Rose Marie, Imelda


Denise Drouillard
Linda Drouillard
Rose Marie Drouillard


Grand Children...

Christopher Drouillard
Bradley Drouillard
Chelsea Hebert
Emma Pare


Ted was employed for 33 years (1946-1979) as an office clerk
for Chrysler Canada Ltd. Windsor, Ontario



Ted was a very accomplished musician/composer and could play the guitar, banjo, mandolin and the harmonica.  He was a great country music singer and loved to entertain!

Ted's Music



In his retirement years Ted enjoyed playing cards with family & friends.

Ted's favourite poet...  Robert William Service

Ted's favourite musician/composer...  Bradley Kincaid



Ted Drouillard Passed away on Wednesday, November 9, 2005 at London Health Science Centre, University Campus at the age of 85 years. He was interred at St. Anne's Cemetery in Tecumseh, ON on November 12, 2005.




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